Asbestos Survey in Macclesfield, Necessary for a Safe Building

Asbestos Survey in MacclesfieldConsider making your real estate purchase contingent on an asbestos survey in Macclesfield. If it’s a new or newer home or building built in the last twenty years, likely there is no asbestos. Before that, the older the building the greater the chance of an asbestos presence. If you are selling an older property, provide an asbestos survey indicating no asbestos is present or it’s safely contained. Buyers will appreciate that and it will serve as a disclosure which helps absolve you of any future liability claims. If you are the buyer and the survey indicates asbestos that is safely contained, it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. You can safely buy the property as long as you monitor the affected area. At ACS, we can help you with a management plan.

Problems may arise if you have plans to demolish the structure. If in Macclesfield, an asbestos survey indicates safely contained asbestos, you have to remove it before demolition. That is a legal requirement because if demolition proceeds without asbestos removal, the surrounding air and ground will become contaminated. You want to include all outbuildings on the property in your asbestos survey. A newer house or main building may be asbestos free but an old garage, shed or barn still standing and still useful may contain asbestos. If it turns out the cladding, roof or cement foundation of an outbuilding contains asbestos, it may be safe and contained. But if the newer structure replaced a demolished older structure, get a soil survey.

The soil asbestos survey in Macclesfield may indicate contamination. If asbestos was not removed from the original structure before demolition, soil could be contaminated. As you can see, there are many variables to the safety of asbestos. At ACS, we have a team of highly experienced technicians well trained in environmental safety and testing. Contact us to schedule a survey of your property and if asbestos is present, we will supply you with a management plan. We can ensure that all your questions are answered. In the event asbestos removal and disposal is necessary, we are well equipped to carry out the job safely for our workers, our clients and the environment.