Asbestos Survey in Hyde, Completed by Environmental Specialists

Asbestos Survey in HydeAn ACS asbestos survey in Hyde is carried out by our team of well-informed environmental specialists regarding environmental regulations. Businesses are required to meet certain standards. Our job is to know and understand those standards and regulations so your building is always compliant and safe. Our professionals bring a wide range of environmental safety solutions to each unique building and workplace situation. Along with solutions, we hope to bring understanding of the specific problems you encounter. Asbestos solutions and training begin with a survey of your building. We are trained to recognise asbestos and experience has taught us the likely places we will find it. 

Just because we find asbestos it does not mean it presents a hazard. In Hyde, asbestos survey reports indicate if it is contained, so no loose fibres escape into the air. If so, we will note each area and recommend it be monitored. If there is loose and damaged asbestos present, we’ll recommend safe removal and disposal.  All information and recommendations will be contained in our survey report. Our survey report is your proof of compliance with regulations. If removal is required, we have a certified team of experts that can do that safely and often with minimal disruption to daily business. We are also licensed to dispose of the hazardous waste at a designated landfill. 

When we conduct an asbestos survey in Hyde, the purpose is to collect information and make any necessary recommendations for solutions. We are not here to sell you what you don’t need. Our survey reports are concise, written in plain English and easily understood by everyone. It’s your record of compliance. Any structure or partial structure you intend to demolish or renovate will need a demolition survey. We will need to take samples, which is more invasive, to test for asbestos in building materials. If present, demolition would release those dangerous fibres. Contact ACS and we can help you decide the right path of compliance for your purposes. Upon completion of the survey, you will have a thorough understanding and record of the extent, if any, of asbestos present and the best solution.