Do You Need an Asbestos Survey in Stretford to Stay Compliant?

Asbestos Survey in StretfordIf you question your need for an asbestos survey in Stretford, ask yourself how aware you are of the elements that make up your building. If it’s an older building with no obvious signs of asbestos it may be, as it appears, safe. But, unless you’ve had a thorough inspection of the contents of the roof, cladding, mortar, concrete, plaster and pipe wraps, you can’t be 100% sure asbestos is not present. It could be present within your building and be perfectly safe. If it is, you still need to know that. Our environmental laws designate that commercial building owners and/or managers need an inspection for asbestos. If this dangerous mineral is found then a plan must be put in place to manage it.

Managing asbestos could mean removing it because it’s not contained and presents a health hazard for all who breathe the air inside the building. For some in Stretford, asbestos survey results may indicate the presence of asbestos that is contained and doesn’t pose a threat. Management of it would be to keep a regular check on it to protect against damage that could release particles into the air. It’s likely a survey will determine that no asbestos is present at all. In that case, no action is needed. The thing is, as the building owner/manager, you need to know so you can take appropriate action. At ACS we carry out surveys of buildings to detect if asbestos is present if it presents a hazard and how the situation should be managed.

When our elite team of environmental professionals conduct an asbestos survey it is not for the purpose of trying to sell you something. We are trying to help you stay current with asbestos guidelines. Upon completion of your survey we’ll provide you with a written report detailing if asbestos is found, where it’s at and if it’s a hazard. Our recommendation for management is part of the written report. Now you have the information you need to make a decision. If no asbestos is found then you have the freedom to forget all about it. You’ll have our report to prove it. Contact ACS and schedule an asbestos survey of your building. The survey will not result in any damage to any part of your building.