An Asbestos Survey in Gatley, a Necessary Procedure

Asbestos Survey in GatleyAn asbestos survey in Gatley is a necessary procedure before any demolition or renovation project begins. If you own a building that was constructed prior to 2000, it likely has asbestos-containing materials. It is also advisable to arrange an asbestos survey when planning smaller scale building changes, such as plumbing and geyser replacements. This is because many old pipes and geysers contain asbestos in their insulation. An asbestos survey is a legal requirement, and as such, it is a good idea to use the services of a professional team.

Asbestos was regarded as a wonder building material, and was added to almost all building materials. In Gatley, an asbestos survey can determine the presence of asbestos, the quantity, and the risk of its presence. There are a large number of older buildings that have asbestos-containing materials within. It is likely that that your building is perfectly habitable and risk-free. However, this is only achieved by awareness and careful management of the asbestos-containing material. We are experienced professionals with an extensive knowledge of all asbestos related matters. Our team can provide not only asbestos surveys, but advice, management guidelines, and any assistance you may need. We aim to provide comprehensive results, and we are also committed to managing and controlling the exposure to asbestos.

When you choose us for your asbestos survey in Gatley, you can rest assured that it is completed in accordance with the HSG264 guidance notes issued by the HSE. Contact ACS today to schedule an asbestos survey for your building.  Our team of surveyors has many years of experience and can assist with a thorough survey. We will also explain precisely what is needed to ensure the safety of the occupants of your building, as well as the requirements needed for compliancy. An asbestos survey is essential in identifying the presence of asbestos before it becomes a threat. This should be done by qualified, competent professionals such as ACS. We will provide a comprehensive survey report that leaves you with a clear understanding of your situation and how to manage any asbestos present.