Asbestos Survey in Atherton- Help Keep the Occupants Safe

Asbestos Survey in AthertonYou will need an asbestos survey in Atherton if you own an older building. Many, if not all, older buildings have some form of asbestos within their structure. Asbestos was widely used as a building material additive for its many positive properties. By using asbestos in building materials, it resulted in a strong, durable, material that is fire retardant and resistant to both chemicals and water. Asbestos is commonly found in roof tiles, insulation, electrical panels, down pipes. In fact, it is found in just about any building material you can think of.

As it was discovered that asbestos is lethal to those who breathe in its microscopic fibres, it has since been banned. In Atherton, an asbestos survey is an important and required step to take prior to any remodelling, renovation or demolition of an older building. It your building was erected prior to the year 2000, it is highly likely that is has asbestos-containing materials. The easiest way to find out is to have an asbestos survey conducted. If there are asbestos-containing materials in your building, an asbestos survey can provide the guidance needed to manage it effectively. For a professional and efficient asbestos survey, be sure to speak to our experts at ACS. We understand the severity of the situation, and aim to provide an effective, safe and efficient service. Each member of our team is highly skilled, trained and experienced in all asbestos-related concerns.

An asbestos survey in Atherton can indicate the amount, as well as the condition of the asbestos-containing materials in your building. Our most popular survey, and one that is highly recommended, is the management survey. This survey will locate the presence and extent of any suspected asbestos-containing materials in your building that could possibly be damaged or disturbed in the near future. This survey also assesses their condition. For an efficient, affordable and professionally conducted asbestos survey, contact ACS to schedule an appointment. You can rely on our surveyors to provide a comprehensive and cost effective asbestos survey. Our surveyors will also provide additional recommendations on the best course of action.