Asbestos Survey in Westhoughton – Expertly Completed by Professional Team

Asbestos Survey in WesthoughtonIf an asbestos survey in Westhoughton has been suggested for your building, speak to the experts. We have many years of experience with asbestos surveys, and are pleased to offer our services. Asbestos is known as the silent killer. This is because after its microscopic fibres have been inhaled, they lodge in the lining of the lungs and stomach. A cacogenic substance, they cannot be broken down by the human body. As a result, they cause incurable disease and cancer. Asbestos was regarded as an excellent additive to building materials due to its many favourable properties. Extensively used, it is now found in many parts of a building. An asbestos survey is necessary to ensure that your building is safe for your employees.

For your older building in Westhoughton, an asbestos survey is necessary and required by law. This is especially needed if you’re planning on adding on to your building, or planning to tear it down to rebuild. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. It is not dangerous in its natural form. However, when it ages or is damaged, it becomes friable and releases its microscopic fibres into the air. These then are inhaled by those in the vicinity. An excellent way to ensure that no unsuspecting people are affected by asbestos is have an asbestos survey. An asbestos survey will indicate where the asbestos is, and its condition. With an asbestos survey, you are the manager or owner of the building will be able to prepare a proper management plan. You will also know how much asbestos is present, what its condition is and whether it needs to be removed.

Our experts are available to assist you with an asbestos survey in Westhoughton. With many years of experience, training, skill and knowledge, our team can provide the asbestos survey needed for your building. We will also provide additional information on the best way forward on how to manage your asbestos. For more details on how we can assist with a professional asbestos survey, contact ACS. Should any of the asbestos in your building need to be removed, we can refer you to an authorised and registered asbestos removal company.