Asbestos Survey in Wigan, Necessary for Safety in Your Building

Asbestos Survey in Wigan If you need an asbestos survey in Wigan, remember ACS. We have many years of experience in helping businesses comply with asbestos legislation. Asbestos is a highly dangerous substance and can still be found in many buildings across the UK. This is because it was widely used as an additive to many different types of building materials. If your building was constructed before 2000, it more than likely has asbestos-containing materials. We offer a comprehensive, easy to understand asbestos survey that not only fulfils legal requirements, but will aid you in protecting the occupants of your building. Our experienced and qualified asbestos surveyors are available to assist you.

For building owners in Wigan, an asbestos survey contains clear, jargon-free information. A legal requirement, and especially if you are planning on remodelling or the demolition your building, an asbestos survey is the best way forward. Our surveyors are all experienced in their field, and all have the required skill and certification to complete an effective and safe asbestos survey of your building. Asbestos can be found in many parts of your building, with a large number of instances that would surprise you. From ceiling boards, roofing felt, floor tiles and textiles, electrical panels, plaster, drywall and cement sheets to corrugated roofing and roof tiles, it can be found in a huge number of building materials. Asbestos was also widely used in public buildings such as churches and schools.

An asbestos survey in Wigan must be completed by a qualified professional. This is where we can assist. Contact ACS today to find out more about our asbestos surveys. With the right action and the right plan in place, you can ensure the safety of your building and those who work within it. If you know where the asbestos-containing materials in your building are, you will also know to avoid accidental disturbance and to ensure they remain in a good condition or are removed. We provide a cost effective and comprehensive asbestos survey where we will recommend the best course of action for your business.