A Professional Asbestos Survey in Matlock Can Help Save Lives

Asbestos Survey in MatlockAn asbestos survey in Matlock can help save lives. You may consider this to be a dramatic statement, but dealing with asbestos related diseases is dramatic. Asbestos is known to cause around 5 000 deaths in the UK each year. Known as the hidden killer, when disturbed, it releases its fibres into the air where they can be inhaled. Once they are inhaled, they embed in the lining of the lungs. Here they can develop into cancer and other diseases such as Asbestosis. This is incurable. It takes years for the disease to develop symptoms.  Asbestos is lethal when it is old or damaged. When it is in this state, it becomes friable which is when it will release its fibres into the air when disturbed.

Asbestos was widely used in many industries for its many properties. For building owners in Matlock, an asbestos survey can be completed by an expert team. At ACS, we have the experience, training and skill to ensure a legal and understandable asbestos survey. When you have an asbestos survey, you will find out where the asbestos-containing material is located, what its condition is, and what to do about it. If you were to go ahead and renovate your old building, the chances of the workman disturbing any asbestos are high. Asbestos fibres cannot be seen with the naked eye, which is one of the reasons it makes it so dangerous. Speak to a professional company for your building’s asbestos survey. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that a professional team will complete the survey efficiently and safely.

An asbestos survey in Matlock can be arranged when you contact ACS. We have many years of experience and all our surveyors have the skills, training and knowledge to provide a first class asbestos survey. We provide different types of surveys that are necessary for your building. The management survey is the standard survey we provide. It entails sourcing the location of the asbestos-containing materials that have the possibility of being disturbed in the future and assessing their condition.  The other survey we provide is the refurb/demolition survey which is needed if you are planning on extensive renovations or demolition.