Choose an Expert Team for Your Asbestos Survey in Rotherham

Asbestos Survey in RotherhamFor a professional asbestos survey in Rotherham, contact the experts. Our team of skilled surveyors have many years of experience as well the knowledge, skill and qualification in providing top quality asbestos surveys. We offer two different types of asbestos surveys – the management and the refurb/demolition survey. Both types of surveys are important, but the latter needs to be done before any building work, such as a renovation or demolition commences on your building. The management survey is the standard survey offered by our team. It will locate the presence and extent of any asbestos-containing materials in your building. The refurb/demolition survey is more intrusive and may require destructive inspection if necessary.

If you are not too certain what kind of survey you need, we can assist. In Rotherham, an asbestos survey is designed to provide necessary information. This includes the location of asbestos, the type, its condition, the quantity and what, if any, further action is required. Asbestos is not harmful if it is left alone. Unfortunately, as so many building were constructed with asbestos in the building materials, it is almost impossible to work on a building without disturbing asbestos. As asbestos ages or gets damaged, it becomes friable. This means that when it is disturbed, it will release tiny fibres into the air. These cannot be seen by the naked eye. Those in the vicinity can inhale these tiny fibres which then lodge in the lining of the lungs, and undetected, can develop incurable conditions. Asbestos is known as the silent killer as symptoms from these diseases take years to develop.

An asbestos survey in Rotherham is the responsibility of the building owner or duty holder. If you need to remain compliant, and ensure the safety of those who use your building, contact ACS for an asbestos survey. We take our responsibility seriously and will provide a professional service that meets your exact needs. You will also find that our costs are competitive. Keep your building, its occupants and yourself safe with a professional asbestos survey from our team. We are also happy to provide advice and suggestions with any of your asbestos related queries.