Asbestos Survey in Congleton – Ensure Your Building’s Safe for Occupancy

Asbestos Survey in CongletonAn asbestos survey in Congleton should be completed in order to ensure that your building is safe for occupancy. In fact, it is a requirement of law, especially if there are plans to demolish or renovate your building. An asbestos survey is best done by a qualified team of surveyors with the required experience, knowledge and training. At ACS, we offer asbestos surveys that will meet your requirements. With years of experience, a highly skilled and qualified team, we can provide the asbestos survey that meets all requirements.

Most older buildings contain asbestos. In Congleton, an asbestos survey is essential as buildings erected before 2000 are likely to have asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos was used as an additive to strengthen building materials. As a result, asbestos is present is many parts of a building. Asbestos can be found in roofs, ceilings, cisterns, floor tiles, pipes, sheeting and more. It was used because it provided many positive qualities such as strength and longevity. This was done before asbestos related disease and its resulting consequences were known. It is now completely banned. The best thing to do if you suspect your building has asbestos in its structure is to have the building surveyed for the presence of asbestos. Let us assist.

An asbestos survey in Congleton is expertly completed by our qualified team. Contact ACS today for more information on how we can assist, or to schedule a survey for your building. We have a wealth of experience, skilled and highly professional surveyors and can provide you with an asbestos survey that meets your building’s specific requirements. Surveys are conducted in accordance to HSE guidelines. We will also provide advice and suggestions for the best course of action for your building. Our surveyors can provide 2 different types of surveys – the management survey and the refurb/demolition survey. The management survey is the standard survey that we offer. This locates the presence and extent of any suspected asbestos-containing materials. The refurb/demolition survey is more intrusive and should be done before any demolition or renovation work to your building.