Choose a Professional Company for Your Asbestos Survey in Lancaster

Asbestos Survey in LancasterWhen you need an asbestos survey in Lancaster, make sure you hire a professional company. The current health and safety executive guidelines place greater emphasis on the responsibilities of the property owner for building safety. The reason for this is to help improve the management of asbestos throughout the life of a building. It also aims to minimise fatal incidents and health problems caused by the substance. As the building owner or manager, it is your duty to manage, your responsibility, to ensure that an asbestos survey is completed. It is best to hire a well-established and highly regarded company for the asbestos survey.

An asbestos survey will need to be completed prior to any building or demolition work. In Lancaster, an asbestos survey is offered by our specialists at ACS. We will provide you with a detailed asbestos survey that will locate and assess any asbestos on your property. They have a proven track record in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Why not give us a call and schedule an inspection of your building? Ensuring that your building is safe for occupancy is of great importance. The asbestos survey that we provide will help you manage the asbestos on your property by identifying its location and condition. The survey will also provide the information required for your asbestos register and keep you within compliance with legislation.

You can rest assured that an asbestos survey in Lancaster by our team will give you peace of mind. We offer a standard survey that will determine the presence of asbestos and its current condition. Our team of surveyors also offer surveys if you are planning a refurbishment or demolition project. Whichever survey you need, we will ensure that your building is safe. For more details on how we can assist you with an asbestos survey, contact ACS today. Our surveyors will present their findings to you in an easy to understand report. If you need asbestos removal, we can refer you to a preferred removal company. We have years of experience in working with all types of asbestos surveys. Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to manage the asbestos in your building.