Safety is Your Concern. Choose an Expert Asbestos Survey in Doncaster

Asbestos Survey in DoncasterChoose a professional team for an asbestos survey in Doncaster for your building. Asbestos is deadly. Once a person has been exposed to asbestos fibres, they attack his body. They embed themselves in the lining of the lungs. Over time, the person can develop lung disease and cancer, often with fatal consequences. Asbestos was widely used within the construction industry. It was added to building materials for strength, durability, fire resistance and other good properties. However, it was discovered that asbestos has negative effects on a person’s health. When asbestos is old or damaged, it releases its tiny fibres into the air. This is where the danger lies.

Asbestos fibres are tiny and cannot be seen with the naked eye. In Doncaster, an asbestos survey can be conducted to locate the presence of any asbestos-containing materials within your building. Once you are aware of where they are, and the condition they are in, a management plan can be formulated to properly management this asbestos. However, if you are planning on demolishing or renovating your building, you will need a more in-depth survey called a refurb/demolition survey. This survey is intrusive, and is meant to identify the asbestos-containing materials that need to be removed or protected from damage before work can commence.  Usually, samples are removed for testing to confirm if asbestos is present and what type. While this survey is aimed at buildings that are likely to be renovated, an important aspect to consider is maintenance. Any kind of work on a building – such as maintenance – can disturb asbestos.

An asbestos survey in Doncaster serves to locate any asbestos-containing materials in a building that have the possibility of being disturbed in the future. Replacing doors or broken tiles, servicing a boiler and other typical maintenance tasks could potentially disturb any asbestos in the building. It is better, indeed safer, to be sure. For an asbestos survey that will bring you peace of mind, contact ACS. Asbestos is responsible for around 5,000 deaths in the UK each year. It is best to be prepared and have the knowledge of what to do should asbestos be present in your building.