Professional Asbestos Survey in Skipton Before Any Demolition work on Your Building

Asbestos Survey in Skipton You will need an asbestos survey in Skipton if you are planning any renovation on your building. A survey is carried out for the safety of the construction workers who will be handling the material that is removed from the building. If there is any asbestos in the waste it could be inhaled and cause serious damage to their health. Asbestos as commonly used as a building material additive. It was widely touted as a ‘miracle’ product. As such, most buildings today still contain asbestos in some form within their structure. It is your responsibility to provide the renovation company with a survey detailing what kind of asbestos has been used and the state of the asbestos. As asbestos was used in a huge number of building materials, it is likely that your building has many parts that contain asbestos.

As the manager or owner of a business you are responsible for your staff and clients well-being and safety. In Skipton, an asbestos survey must be completed by an experienced team with the knowledge and experience in dealing with asbestos. As asbestos ages, or becomes damaged, it will release tiny fibres into the air. The fibres can be inhaled by those who are working in the building. The fibres can lodge in the lining of the lungs and will result in cancer and disease. Unfortunately, these illnesses are incurable. It is because of these dangers that asbestos as banned from use as a building material. However, many buildings still contain asbestos. A survey will determine the extent and location of the asbestos. It is an essential step in the safety of those who occupy the building.

We offer a comprehensive asbestos survey in Skipton to ensure your buildings current mandatory requirements. Contact ACS today and one of our inspection teams will examine your building. The survey will provide the information needed to ensure the management of the asbestos within the building. If any asbestos needs to be removed, we can refer you to a professional asbestos removal company. Our team of expert surveyors have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to provide a comprehensive survey to meet your specific requirements.