An Asbestos Survey in Hull is Essential for the Health and Safety of Your Building

Asbestos Survey in Hull An asbestos survey in Hull is essential for the health and safety of those who occupy your building. We may be aware of the dangers of asbestos and the types of asbestos-related illness, but we may not know why an asbestos survey is necessary. Firstly, the use of asbestos as an additive to building materials is banned. Regardless, because of the many good properties of asbestos, it was extensively used in the construction trade. As the dangers became known, it was subsequently banned. Nevertheless, many old buildings, especially if they were constructed before 2000 contain asbestos within its structure. Materials such as ceiling boards, insulation, roofing and floor tiles, drainpipes, guttering are but a few of the many laces here asbestos as used. It is now mandatory to have an asbestos survey on your building, particularly if you are planning any renovations in the future.

The effects of asbestos-related disease are incurable. For property owners in Hull, asbestos surveys not only provide peace of mind, but also provide legal compliance. An asbestos survey will locate any asbestos-containing materials within your building and assess their condition. Bear in mind that an asbestos survey is not a DIY job and requires the knowledge of a professional. This is where we can assist. Our surveyors have the right experience, qualifications, experience and skill to provide a thorough and safe asbestos survey for your building. All our surveys comply with the HSE’s guidelines. Moreover, our surveys will provide the information required for you to prepare an appropriate management plan. The plan is also a legal requirement.

An asbestos survey in Hull can be easily arranged. Contact ACS today to schedule an asbestos survey for your building. We offer two different types of asbestos surveys – the management survey as well as the refurb/demo survey. The management survey is the more popular of the two. However, if you are planning on extensive renovations or the demolition of your building, a refurb/demo survey is required. Our surveys provide easy to understand and completely relevant information about the asbestos-containing materials in your building. Moreover, we will assist you with the right management plan for your specific needs.