An Asbestos Survey in Scunthorpe will Provide Peace of Mind

Asbestos Survey in Scunthorpe An asbestos survey in Scunthorpe that will fulfil your legal obligations is available when you contact our experts. We offer to types of asbestos surveys, the management asbestos survey and the refurb/demo asbestos survey. Both are essential in keeping your building safe for all those who occupy it. Asbestos was regarded as a wonder material in the building industry. The many good properties of asbestos provided extra strength and durability to building materials. As a result, asbestos can be found in just about every building constructed before 2000. However, asbestos is dangerous and is known as the ‘silent killer.’ Its fibres embed in the soft tissues of the body which in turn lead to incurable disease.

The use of asbestos in now banned. However, in Scunthorpe, an asbestos survey is necessary to identify where any asbestos-containing materials are in a building. The survey will also assess the condition of these materials. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous sillicate mineral. As it gets old, it becomes friable. This means that is can crumble easily. When this happens, it releases microscopic fibres into the air. These are then inhaled by unsuspecting people working in the building. The fibres get trapped in the body and will cause cancer and disease. The best way to manage asbestos is to ensure your building is safe. The first step is a professional asbestos survey. Our surveyors are available to assist. With years of experience, the right qualifications and expertise, we are the team you can rely on for your building’s asbestos survey.

An asbestos survey in Scunthorpe is part of your duty to manage. The survey will provide relevant information in order to prepare a management plan. It is also essential in determining what the next responsible step is regarding your building. Contact ACS today and schedule your asbestos survey. Our experts provide all the information you need for the best way forward. Additionally, we are happy to answer any questions you have regarding asbestos and your building. The asbestos survey we provide will also include recommendations on whether the asbestos-containing materials need to be removed and disposed of. If this is the case, we can refer you to a professional asbestos removal company.