An Asbestos Survey in Harborne Can Help Save Lives

Asbestos Survey in Harborne An asbestos survey in Harborne is an essential step. Wondering why as you know that asbestos is a banned substance? It’s for this reason that an asbestos survey is essential. As asbestos was widely used in construction work, it is found in many components of a newly erected building. Ceilings, floor tiles, insulation, sprayed coatings and cement products are some of the materials where asbestos can be found. Fibres are released into the air when materials containing asbestos are damaged or disturbed.  If these fibres are inhaled or swallowed, they can cause serious diseases. The effects are not immediately apparent as they typically take years to develop. However, once the symptoms develop, it is often too late. It remains essential to protect yourself, and those who use your building now.

For building owners in Harborne, an asbestos survey is essential. With an asbestos survey, you will know where any asbestos-containing material is in the building. In addition, you’ll know what condition it is in. This information gives you the tools to plan the next course of action. Our expert team of surveyors are available to assist. If there is any asbestos that must be removed, our team can refer you to a professional asbestos removal company to safely and efficiently remove the materials. The information from the survey will also enable you to prepare a comprehensive management plan. We can assist here too.  Our team have the experience, knowledge and the expertise to ensure that your building is legally compliant.

An asbestos survey in Harborne is an essential step to ensure the safety of the people who work in your building. While asbestos may be seen as a problem from the past, its dangers make it a problem of today. Before any renovation or installation project, it is prudent to consult with an expert team for an asbestos survey. In this way, you are taking the steps necessary to ensure the safety of all in your building. For a professional, comprehensive and safe asbestos survey, contact ACS today. We will manage your asbestos survey from start to finish. We’ll keep you informed about everything you need to know to ensure your building is compliant.