Protect the Occupants of Your Building with an Asbestos Survey in Wolverhampton

Asbestos Survey in WolverhamptonAn asbestos survey in Wolverhampton can ensure that you and the occupants of your building are protected from the effects of exposure to asbestos-containing materials.  Asbestos is a hazardous material that can damage your health. Symptoms can include coughing and breathing problems to irreparable lung damage and asbestosis. Asbestos as a popular building material additive due to the benefits it offered. These include better insulation, heat and chemical resistance and strength. However, while this as regarded as a wonder material, it was found that exposure to asbestos fibres resulted in deadly disease. It has since been banned. Our asbestos surveys provide the needed information to help you prepare an appropriate management plan. This is a legal requirement,

For building owners in Wolverhampton, an asbestos survey is necessary. This is essential and a legal requirement before any construction work is done on your building.  We offer a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey to identify and quantify asbestos before demolition or construction work can commence.  If you are concerned about an asbestos presence in your building but are not planning a large renovation, our Management Asbestos Survey may be more suitable.  A Management Asbestos Survey is designed to inform you about the quantity and condition of asbestos containing materials in your environment with consultation on how to manage it.

Our expert team will provide clear and concise reports after your asbestos survey in Wolverhampton.  Everything is outlined in easy-to-understand language so that you are informed about your situation without getting lost in the technical jargon. We comply with the HSG264 guidance notes as issued by the HSE. Our surveys are conducted by our experienced, qualified staff to give you competent, valuable service and advice on how to deal with the presence of asbestos in your building.  Contact us today for a comprehensive, professional and safe asbestos survey. You’ll find that our prices are competitive and our service ticks all the right boxes. Ensure that your building is legally compliant and the occupants are safe.