An Asbestos Survey in Lichfield Ensures Safety and Compliance

Asbestos Survey in Lichfield An asbestos survey in Lichfield is a very necessary part of the planning of your upcoming building project. Any building work done on an existing building, regardless of how small or how large it is can only begin once a thorough asbestos survey has been conducted. This applies to demolition work as well. Asbestos was highly regarded as an excellent additive to building materials for its many qualities. However, once the danger of asbestos related disease was discovered, it was banned from use. Unfortunately, many buildings still contain asbestos. Many existing buildings have asbestos-containing material in their structure that, if disturbed, can release harmful asbestos fibres into the surrounds. These fibres are dangerous and can cause diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancer.

Before the start of your building project in Lichfield, an asbestos survey must be completed to assess and report on the condition of any asbestos in the building. The surveys we provide indicate the quantity of asbestos and its location in the building. It will also show whether it is harmful in its current state or not. Our surveyors will provide a risk assessment specific to your building plans. In addition, they’ll provide advice on how to manage it. If the asbestos-containing materials need removal, we’ll provide a referral to contractors who are licensed to work with such materials. If the asbestos in your building is dormant and poses no risk, simply working around it is often the best solution. However, if your project is likely to disturb the asbestos, a removal plan will be necessary.

You can rely on our team of experts for a professional asbestos survey in Lichfield. Our team knows that every building and situation has different requirements and dangers. This is the reason why we tailor our surveys to your specific requirements. We will ensure your survey meets the requirements set out by the HSE. Contact ACS today to find out which asbestos survey solution is most applicable to your building or demolition plans. We are committed to providing top quality asbestos surveys to ensure that you can properly manage the asbestos in your building.