Asbestos Survey in Scarborough – Meets all Necessary Requirements

Asbestos Survey in Scarborough For an asbestos survey in Scarborough that meets all requirements, contact a professional team. We are available to assist you with the right asbestos survey for your building. An asbestos survey is both essential and a legal requirement. All old buildings need an asbestos survey. If your commercial building was built before 2000, there are likely asbestos-containing materials in its structure. Widely used, asbestos offered a great many advantages to the construction industry. However, exposure to the airborne asbestos fibres can result in disease and cancer. It is now mandatory to have an asbestos survey before any type of construction work takes place on your building. It is also essential if demolishing your building is part of your plans.

Our experts are available to assist. In Scarborough, an asbestos survey conducted by our team adheres to the guidelines set out in the HSE survey guide HSG264. In addition, our team has the experience, qualifications and knowledge necessary for an expert asbestos survey. We offer 2 types of surveys – the management survey and the refurb/demo survey.  An asbestos survey will locate the presence of any asbestos within a building. It can also identify its condition. The management survey aims to locate the presence and extent of any asbestos-containing materials. These are materials that are likely to be disturbed in the probable future. This would also include any maintenance or installation work planned. This survey also assesses the condition of any asbestos-containing materials.

An asbestos survey in Scarborough could be a refurb/demo survey. This type of survey is necessary before any extensive renovation work begins. It is also essential before demolishing a building. The survey does not assess the condition. However, it does note the areas of damage, or where any other possible asbestos debris can be found. Our experts will advise you on the right survey necessary for your building. For more information on how we can assist with an asbestos survey for your building, contact ACS today. We’re also available to provide advice on any asbestos-related concerns you may have.