An Expert Team Assists with a Comprehensive Asbestos Survey in Grimsby

Asbestos Survey in GrimsbyA professional asbestos survey in Grimsby is necessary if the building was erected before 2000. Many buildings have asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos was widely used in the building trade as a building material additive because of its excellent properties.  By adding asbestos, materials were stronger, heat and chemical resistant.  However, as some asbestos products age they become brittle and, when disturbed, release microscopic fibres into the air.  It is when these asbestos fibres are inhaled you are at risk of developing asbestos-related diseases later in life.

Thus, in Grimsby, an asbestos survey is an essential step before any renovation work is planned. It is also important to choose a professional company to conduct the asbestos survey. Our expert team is available to assist. We offer both the management survey and the refurb/demo survey. The management survey is the standard survey that we offer. It locates the presence and extent of any asbestos-containing materials that are present in your building that could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy and to assess their condition. Normal occupancy also means foreseeable maintenance and installation works. The refurb/demo survey, on the other hand, is a fully intrusive survey. Its aim is to note any areas of damage, or where additional asbestos debris could possibly be found.

An asbestos survey in Grimsby is available when you give us a ring. Our expert team has the training, experience and knowledge to ensure a safe and efficient asbestos survey. In addition, you’ll receive the information necessary to compile an asbestos management plan. This is also a mandatory requirement. Our experts will also provide advice on the best course of action. To schedule your building’s asbestos survey, contact ACS today. If any asbestos is found in your building and needs to be removed, we can refer you to a qualified and experienced professional to both safely remove and dispose of the asbestos. Our expert team has the knowledge, training and experience to provide a first class survey for your building.