Why an Asbestos Survey in Lichfield is Essential for Your Old Building

Asbestos Survey in Lichfield Our professional team will provide an asbestos survey in Lichfield that meets all the necessary requirements.  An asbestos survey is essential for all old buildings. A large number of buildings contain asbestos within their structure. This is because asbestos was extensively used as a building material additive in the past. While the use of asbestos was fully banned in 1999, it is still present in many buildings.  If your building was constructed or refurbished before 2000, it likely has asbestos-containing materials.  Asbestos was used extensively and is present in many building materials. These materials are, at times, hidden by other materials. A professional asbestos surveyor conducts an asbestos survey to source the location of the asbestos, as well as its condition.

An asbestos surveyor has the knowledge, experience and the qualifications to conduct a professional survey. In Lichfield, an asbestos survey will locate the presence of any asbestos-containing materials.  It will also determine whether they need to be removed and disposed of.  As the fibres are tiny, and as asbestos is often present in materials that are hidden from view, it is important that a professional team conducts the asbestos survey.  Our team has many years of experience, the knowledge and the skill to ensure a professional and safe asbestos survey is carried out on your building.  In addition, the surveys we conduct are in accordance with the guidelines set out in the HSE survey guide HSG264.

An asbestos survey in Lichfield will gather the necessary information on the asbestos-containing materials in your building.  In addition, the information is useful in preparing a management plan.  The management plan is an essential document that details how any asbestos will be managed in your building, and what will be done to ensure that the people in your building remain safe. For more information, or to schedule an asbestos survey, contact ACS.  Our surveyors have the skill and professionalism to ensure your building is safe, and your peace of mind.