Professional Asbestos Survey in Nuneaton is Available

Asbestos Survey in Nuneaton An asbestos survey in Nuneaton for your building is available when you contact ACS. Asbestos was widely used in the building industry in the past.  This is because asbestos offered a large number of advantages.  It made building materials strong, durable, and resistant to heat and chemicals.  Asbestos was regarded as the ‘wonder’ material of the time.  Consequently, a huge number of buildings still contain asbestos today. The safest thing to do is have an asbestos survey. This will determine the extent of any asbestos-containing materials in your building, and how to manage them. For more details about the right asbestos survey for your building, speak to our experts.

For the duty manager in Nuneaton, an asbestos survey can provide the necessary information to help manage the asbestos.  An asbestos survey by a professional is necessary as asbestos fibres are minute and cannot be easily seen.  Our expert team of surveyors have the experience and the knowledge to perform a professional and safe asbestos survey.  There are two types of surveys available.  The first type of survey is the management survey.  This survey locates the location of any asbestos-containing materials, their condition and the possibility of disturbance during normal occupation of the building.  This includes routine maintenance. The other survey is more intrusive and is called the refurb/demo survey.  A refurb/demo survey is required if you’re planning on demolishing or refurbishing your building.

Our experts will provide a professional and safe asbestos survey in Nuneaton.  All our surveyors have the necessary qualifications, skill and experience to conduct a safe and professional asbestos survey.    In addition, the information gathered during the survey can be used to prepare a necessary management plan.  You can rely on our surveyors to provide the information you need for your building.  For further details about our surveys, or for assistance, contact ACS today.  It is your duty to ensure that your building is safe for your employees.  You can fulfil your obligations with a professional asbestos survey from our professional surveyors.