An Asbestos Survey in Oswestry is Both Necessary and a Requirement

Asbestos Survey in Oswestry An asbestos survey in Oswestry is necessary. It is also a legal requirement if your building was erected before a certain year. Furthermore, it is essential if your old building is due for an upgrade and requires renovation work, or if it is slated for demolition. Asbestos can be lethal. As some types of asbestos age, they release microscopic fibres into the air. The people in the building can inhale these fibres and, because the fibres are tiny, they’re unknowingly inhaled. The fibres are sharp and needle like. They can lodge in the lining of the lungs and as they are hard and strong, the body cannot expel them. This then causes disease and cancer. The effects of these diseases and cancers only manifests later in the person’s life.

There is no cure for asbestos-related disease and cancer. Thus, in Oswestry, an asbestos survey is an essential step to take. As the owner of the building, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of the occupants of the building. This includes all precautions regarding asbestos. Once your asbestos survey is complete, you will know what risks there are and how to manage these risks. An asbestos survey checks the location, the condition and the risk asbestos poses. Our expert surveyors have many years of experience, along with the training and knowledge necessary for a thorough survey. Furthermore, once the survey is complete, we can assist you with compiling an effective management plan.

An asbestos survey in Oswestry is easy to arrange. We’re available to assist with both a management and a refurb/demo asbestos survey. Contact ACS right away and arrange for a day and time for your building’s asbestos survey. The survey can provide you with peace of mind. In addition, it will provide the information necessary for your management plan. Should it be necessary for the removal of the asbestos-containing materials, we can refer you to qualified and registered companies that can remove the asbestos for you. You can ensure that your building is safe for daily use. Remember our surveyors for an excellent, cost-effective asbestos survey for your building.