Asbestos Survey in Hull – Necessary for All Old Buildings

Asbestos survey in HullAn asbestos survey in Hull is a necessary procedure for all old buildings. You may be wondering why a survey is necessary as you don’t have any plans on renovating or demolishing the building. However, an asbestos survey is still necessary. As some types of asbestos become friable as they age or are disturbed, it is still necessary to know where these materials are and what sort of condition they are in. Even if there are no plans for renovations for your building, there are still minor maintenance repairs that will take place. With an asbestos survey, a management plan can be put in place, providing guidance on how to manage any asbestos-containing materials.

It is also a legal requirement. Thus, in Hull, an asbestos survey is necessary for any building erected before the year 2000. This is because asbestos was used in many different building materials. Today, asbestos can be found in insulation, flooring, ceiling boards, guttering and more. An asbestos survey can identify where the asbestos is, and the condition it is in. Maintenance work to the building could disturb any asbestos. Hence it is essential to have a plan in place. Our team of surveyors is available to assist with a comprehensive asbestos survey for your building. As you are not planning any building work in the future, a management asbestos survey is the one that will be conducted.

A management asbestos survey in Hull is the standard type of survey. Its purpose is to locate the presence and extent of any asbestos-containing materials in the building. These are materials that are likely to be disturbed or damaged in the foreseeable future such as during maintenance. Their condition is also assessed. For an asbestos survey that meets your requirements, contact ACS right away. Our experts will keep you informed, every step of the way. Furthermore, all the surveys we complete are in accordance with the guidelines set out by the HSE. Having an asbestos survey for your building means that you will be legally compliant, and the occupants of your building will be safe.