Asbestos Survey in Harbourne – Top Team Available to Assist

Asbestos Survey in Harbourne A professional team is available to assist with an asbestos survey in Harbourne for your building. Having an asbestos survey is an excellent plan. Many old buildings still contain asbestos in their structure. Knowing where the asbestos-containing material is, how much there is and its condition provides the necessary information for correctly managing it. However, an asbestos survey is best done by a professional team with experience and skill. For an asbestos survey for your building that ticks all the right boxes, speak to ACS. Hence, we have the experience, knowledge and skill to ensure a thorough and safe asbestos survey.

For your commercial building in Harbourne, an asbestos survey will provide the necessary information for the next step. An asbestos survey also provides the information necessary for a management plan. It is the responsibility of the duty-holder or the owner of a building to have a plan for managing the asbestos-containing materials in his building. An asbestos survey provides this necessary information. A qualified and experienced team should conduct the asbestos survey. There are 2 asbestos surveys available – the management survey and the refurb/demo survey. The management survey is necessary if your building is in constant use as a business. The 2nd survey, the refurb/demo survey, is necessary if you have plans to demolish your building, or if you are planning on upgrading the building. Our experts can assist with both.

An asbestos survey in Harbourne is both thorough and safe. Choosing a professional team brings you peace of mind. You’ll have the assurance that the asbestos survey is safe and it will provide the necessary information for the best way forward. Contact ACS today to schedule an asbestos survey for your building. Our surveyors will provide the necessary information in clear, concise and easy to understand language. Furthermore, if any asbestos-containing materials need removal and disposal, we can refer you to a qualified asbestos removal company. You can rely on our experts to provide a safe, professional and thorough asbestos survey for your building. You’re welcome to give us a call to arrange a site visit.