Asbestos Survey in Leek – an Important First Step

Asbestos Survey in Leek An asbestos survey in Leek is a step you’ll need to take for your building. If you’re planning on any renovations or alterations, first have an asbestos survey conducted.  This is essential for any building erected prior to 2000.  It is essential for the safety of those who occupy your building. Furthermore, it is a legal requirement.  Asbestos was used as a building material additive because of its excellent properties.  By adding asbestos, materials were stronger, and heat and chemical resistant.  However, as some asbestos products age they become brittle and, when disturbed, release microscopic fibres into the air.  It is when these asbestos fibres are inhaled you are at risk of developing asbestos related diseases later in life.

Once inhaled, the asbestos fibres lodge in the lining of the lungs, causing incurable disease and cancer.  Hence, in Leek, an asbestos survey is essential.  As the fibres are tiny and cannot be seen by the naked eye, one is not aware of the danger.  A professional survey can locate any asbestos-containing materials in your building.  The survey can also determine the location and the extent of the asbestos, and its condition.  If the asbestos in your building is found to be a danger, it may need to be removed and disposed of.  As the owner of the building, it is your legal responsibility to manage the asbestos.  A survey can gather the information necessary to create a management plan. The first step is to speak to a professional company to provide an asbestos survey.  Our experts can assist.

An asbestos survey in Leek can be one of two types of survey. We offer the management survey and the refurb/demo survey.  The former is necessary for all commercial properties, schools, factories, workspaces and public areas of domestic properties.  The other survey is necessary if you are planning on demolishing or refurbishing your building.  Both types of surveys can help save lives.  An asbestos survey must be carried out if your building was built pre 2000.  Contact ACS right away and find out how we can help with an asbestos survey.  Our expert team has the knowledge, training and experience to provide a first class survey for your building.  If asbestos-containing materials are found and need to be removed, we can refer you to a professional company for the removal.