Asbestos Removal in Stourbridge – Safe and Thorough

Asbestos Removal in Stourbridge If you need to renovate or breakdown an old building, consider professional asbestos removal in Stourbridge. Asbestos is a hazardous material popular in buildings built in the UK before 1999. Asbestos has excellent thermal resistance properties ideal for insulation; it was also affordable, lightweight and easy to work with. As such, many 20th Century buildings have asbestos in the walls, floors and as roofing material. Research between the 1970s and 1990s proved that asbestos is hazardous to our health, causing respiratory ailments and cancers. Asbestos has tiny insoluble fibres that float in the air and settle in your lungs when inhaled. The accumulation of these fibres in your lungs causes respiratory challenges resulting in life-threatening diseases.

Since your body cannot eliminate the asbestos fibres from your lungs naturally, the UK banned it in 1999. In Stourbridge, asbestos removal needs special training and qualifications. Without comprehensive asbestos management skills, you may agitate the material and endanger your staff, family, neighbours and environment. To prevent environmental contamination, the regional authorities restrict you from handling asbestos directly, instead, you must work with qualified personnel. As an established registered company, we prioritise your health and safety. We also adhere to strict standards to comply with the regulatory authorities. Hence, we provide comprehensive tests and thorough asbestos removal and safe disposal services.

Working with an established company for your asbestos removal in Stourbridge saves time and money. We have the skills, resources and equipment to perform comprehensive asbestos management services across the UK. Our services are available from asbestos surveys through to eco-friendly disposal. Contact ACS today if you need asbestos removal. We are a highly experienced health and safety practitioner passionate about environmental conservation. Thus, we perform comprehensive audits and assessments to help you improve your organisation’s health and safety practices. As such, we are known for providing comprehensive fire risk assessments, lev assessments and access audits. Our holistic approach to health and safety enables us to provide environmentally friendly solutions.