Asbestos Survey in Kings Heath – a Necessary, Vital Step

Asbestos Survey in Kings Heath An asbestos survey in Kings Heath is an important and necessary step. As such, all old buildings need an asbestos survey before any type of renovation work can be completed. This includes smaller projects like adding a new room, or tiles. The reason for this is that many, if not most, old buildings have asbestos in them. Thus, this is in many parts of a building as asbestos was widely used as an excellent additive to building materials. You could find asbestos in ceilings, insulation, guttering, and more. However, asbestos is highly dangerous when it is disturbed. As such, it is essential that it is identified and managed.

The best way to handle this is with, in Kings Heath, an asbestos survey. What an asbestos survey does is that it identifies the asbestos-containing material, its location and its condition. Furthermore, this information gives the necessary details to ensure the right management plan. Yet, an asbestos survey must be completed by a professional. A professional surveyor has the experience, the skill as well as the knowledge to ensure a thorough and comprehensive asbestos survey. We are available to assist. Our surveyors all have the necessary credentials, experience and know-how to ensure a safe and thorough asbestos survey. Knowing what and how to do it is an essential step for the right asbestos management plan.

You can rely on our professionals to provide an expert asbestos survey in Kings Heath. As a result, you will have the right information to put a proper management plan in place. Thus, this also means that your building will be in compliance with legislation. Furthermore, you will have peace of mind knowing that it is safe for use by your employees. For more details on how our team of experts can assist with an asbestos survey, contact ACS right away. In addition, all our asbestos surveys conform to the legal requirements of the HSE. Should any of the asbestos-containing materials need removing from your building, we can help. We can refer you to a professional asbestos removal company.