Asbestos Survey in West Yorkshire

Asbestos Survey in West YorkshireAn asbestos survey in West Yorkshire will ensure that your building complies with all regulations. Most importantly you will identify any risks to which your premises is exposed. Armed with this information, you can take the actions required to ensure that your place of work is safe for all employees. The dangers of asbestos are real. For many years we did not know the harm that this substance caused. All we knew was that it was a wonder building material of enormous potential. With years of experience and exposure however, we have learned that it poses hazardous perils. To keep your employees safe from harm, you need to know if they are exposed to danger

If you have building premises in West Yorkshire, an asbestos survey is essential to identify the asbestos on your property. This survey will show you where asbestos is to be found in your building. It will also tell you about the condition of this asbestos. If the asbestos is in a good condition and not damaged, it is sufficient to simply note its presence. If it is damaged, however, it poses a real risk. Asbestos consists of tiny fibres. When disturbed these can be released into the air. Unsuspecting people breathe in these fibres that can become lodged in the stomach and lung tissue, resulting in fatal diseases. Now that we know the risks posed, it is incumbent on us to take the right precautionary measures.

When you need to have an asbestos survey in West Yorkshire, call us at ACS. Our experienced team members can assist you. With our multi-disciplinary team we are able to undertake any challenge. If we discover asbestos on your property that needs to be removed, we will arrange this in the most cost effective manner. We offer our services throughout the region, and operate at the national level. ACS can provide your business with all the certification you need to be completely compliant from a health and safety point of view. We understand that, although it is important to be compliant, your ultimate goal is to ensure you have a safe environment for your staff. At ACS we will help you identify and mitigate the environmental risks facing your business.