Asbestos Survey in Glasgow

Asbestos Survey in GlasgowAn asbestos survey in Glasgow will protect you from any risks to your property and your health. Asbestos is a dangerous substance that, when damaged or disturbed, releases microfibres into the surrounding air. If inhaled, the fibres can tear the lining of the throat and lungs, causing severe health issues ranging from asthma and breathing problems to asbestosis and lung cancer. It therefore imperative that you ensure that your building is safe from the threat of asbestos. Asbestos containing materials are present in many buildings, especially those built around the 1970s, and pose no major threat so long as they remain intact and undisturbed.

There are two main reasons that would prompt you to arrange an asbestos survey. In Glasgow, asbestos survey specialists should be called if anyone in your building is suffering from sudden breathing problems after the building has been damaged or renovated. A doctor will usually be able to identify the breathing problem as relating to asbestos exposure and you will be alerted to the issue. An asbestos survey will then identify the location and severity of the harmful asbestos in your building and recommend the best procedure to remove it. Another instance that requires an asbestos survey is if you are planning any renovation or demolition work for your building. You are required by law to ensure that any asbestos present in the building is properly contained or removed before such work takes place.

With an asbestos survey in Glasgow, you can pre-emptively ensure the health and safety not only of your building’s occupants, but that of visitors, builders and other workers. Contact ACS for a reliable and affordable asbestos survey. We will ensure that your building is thoroughly examined and every trace of asbestos is accounted for. Our detailed reports will provide all the information you need, including the location, severity and risk levels of the present asbestos, guidelines on how to manage it, and recommendations for removal and future building or renovation work. Our surveys are specially tailored for your needs, including a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey if you are planning any building work on your property, and a Management Survey to help manage and maintain dormant asbestos.