Asbestos Survey in Solihull

Asbestos Survey in SolihullAn asbestos survey in Solihull is a legal requirement if you are planning on renovating or demolishing a building. This is required particularly if the building is an older building and was built before 1980. The reason for this is that many older buildings have asbestos containing materials. Asbestos was regarded as the ‘wonder’ building material as it has many properties that make it ideal to use in construction. It is stable at high temperatures, doesn’t degrade over time and is both chemically resistant and good thermal insulation. It is easy to understand why it was extensively used in the construction industry.

Unfortunately, asbestos also has a down side. In Solihull, an asbestos survey is required to ensure that your building is safe for the inhabitants. When asbestos is disturbed, it releases fibres which can be inhaled, resulting in incurable diseases and cancers. As the detrimental aspect of disturbed asbestos was discovered, it became mandatory to manage asbestos in a safe and effective manner. While many older buildings have asbestos containing materials, asbestos itself is not dangerous as it is when it is disturbed that it poses a huge health risk to those who inhale the airborne fibres. An asbestos survey will determine the amount, location and severity of the asbestos containing materials. A survey will also help determine the correct plan of action concerning the asbestos.

As asbestos survey in Solihull is effectively and professionally conducted by our team of experts. If you suspect there may be asbestos containing materials in your building, contact ACS for an expert survey. We can help you comply with your duty to manage asbestos, and stay within your legal obligation. Our surveyors are both qualified and experienced and will conduct a cost effective and comprehensive asbestos survey. In this way, you will receive recommendations for the best course of action. Our management survey, our standard asbestos survey, will locate the presence and extent of the asbestos present in your building. We will inform you at every stage so that you know exactly what asbestos service you will need so that you comply with current legislation.