Asbestos Survey in Stourbridge

Asbestos Survey in StourbridgeAn asbestos survey in Stourbridge does not necessarily mean you have an asbestos problem. You may not even have asbestos in your building. If you have asbestos, it may be safely sealed posing no health threat as long as it’s left undisturbed. The purpose of a survey is to find out if there is asbestos, where it’s located and if it presents a danger. At ACS we perform asbestos surveys detailing the location and condition of asbestos. We include a management plan in the survey with our recommendations. If there is no asbestos, then nothing needs to be done. When asbestos is present but poses no health threat, we will include instructions for monitoring and testing the condition periodically.

Occasionally we find deteriorated asbestos in buildings that poses a health threat. When that happens in Stourbridge, asbestos survey reports will show the level of danger and the recommendation for safe removal and disposal of the contamination. We are well trained and equipped professionals certified to remove and dispose of asbestos from your building. If we find it in one area, we may isolate and seal that area off from the rest of the building. Under those circumstances you would not have to evacuate the building during the removal process. After asbestos removal we will conduct air quality tests in the building to make sure it’s safe for occupation.

Our asbestos survey in Stourbridge will keep you compliant with asbestos laws. Contact ACS and schedule your asbestos survey with our professionals. We can also train building managers or even residential or office occupants to recognise and manage asbestos. New tenants may want to see a recent asbestos survey before agreeing to sign a lease. However, domestic home buyers and sellers should be interested in a current asbestos survey. You want to hand the house over to new owners with a clean survey of health because it’s the right thing to do. Also, there could be serious repercussions if asbestos is present and the new buyer discovers it after moving in. Ensure you comply with current legislation and use the services of ACS.