Asbestos Survey in Redditch

Asbestos Survey in RedditchACS recommends an asbestos survey in Redditch for your business offices, industrial buildings and warehouses. Asbestos is so dangerous that we begin with an assumption of its presence, especially in buildings constructed prior to 1990. The dangers of asbestos are compounded by a lack of knowledge by the general population and building owners and managers specifically. At ACS, education is one of our objectives when we conduct an asbestos survey. When our survey is complete, you will know the level of risk to those people in your buildings for whom you are responsible. Just as important, you will know what to do about it to keep them safe.

ACS surveyors are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). For Commercial buildings in Redditch, asbestos survey is not optional, including derelict buildings. Building owners and managers must have a plan to manage asbestos or face fines and imprisonment. At ACS, our survey strategy includes documented visual inspection and material samples. Other materials can appear similar to asbestos. We work with the assumption they are asbestos until testing proves differently. Because part of the survey cost is the analysis of samples, we take as few samples as possible to keep the price down. Still, it’s not worth saving money by neglecting to perform a thorough inspection when lives are at risk. However, we won’t be charging you for any unnecessary inspections or tests.

What we will do is provide you with a comprehensive asbestos survey in Redditch that shows our findings. The locations of any asbestos found and the condition of the material in each location. Our recommended action is clearly described in the survey. What is helpful here is if the building owner can supply us with a blueprint or floor plan of the building revealing any hidden areas we might not be aware of. Call us with any asbestos questions or to schedule a survey. We want to help you stay compliant with environmental laws regarding asbestos. Toward that end, we will review your asbestos survey with you and clarify recommendations for management. Our surveys are formatted for ease of understanding and written in layman’s terms. You will have no problem understanding them or explaining them to others.