Asbestos Survey in Bristol

Asbestos Survey in BristolBefore you knock out walls to refurbish your new office building, order a Demolition Asbestos Survey in Bristol from ACS. The two-story brick commercial building built in 1987 has the perfect high traffic location to build your business. Your plan is to gut the whole building and your architect has drawings ready for your new floor plan. The first floor is your space and you plan to lease 2 upper floor offices for added income. It’s a great plan but before you begin, you need the asbestos survey so you will know if asbestos removal is necessary before your demolition and rebuild. If it is, then you need to factor that cost into your total cost projection. By law, the survey is required. Skip this step and you risk fees, fines and lawsuits from clients and tenants. Remember, your own health is at risk when you neglect asbestos in your environment.

We at ACS are environmental professionals specialising in asbestos detection, management and removal. In Bristol, asbestos surveys provides building owners with information regarding the amount, location and condition of asbestos in their building. If we find asbestos that is undisturbed the building owner will need to monitor and manage its condition to prevent it from becoming airborne. If our survey shows hazardous asbestos conditions, the substance needs removal to protect against deadly lung disease caused by inhalation of loose asbestos fibres. We work closely with highly recommend removal technicians. Management surveys are not invasive and cause no damage to the building. Demolition surveys are invasive and we have to open walls to locate it and remove it before demolition begins.

If you tear out walls, heating and plumbing fixtures and ceiling tiles without an asbestos survey in Bristol you may release billions of invisible asbestos fibres into the air. When the refurbishment is complete, those fibres are still in the atmosphere. Everyone exposed, including tradesmen, customers and employees are now unknowingly risking their health every time they enter your beautiful newly refurbished offices. Contact ACS and order a Demolition Survey to assess the condition and location of asbestos. Our survey may bring news your building is asbestos free. If not and removal is needed, we will handle it for you. Either way, you will have a certificate giving your building a clean bill of health. That is peace of mind for you and your tenants.