Asbestos Survey in Weston-super-Mare

Asbestos Survey in Weston-super-MareAsbestos is one of the most common hazardous materials found in buildings so you need to have an asbestos survey in Weston-super-Mare. By law any building undergoing renovation or demolition has to have an asbestos survey to safeguard the contractors and workers. They need to know the state of the asbestos in the building and whether it is safe to complete the project. If there is asbestos in the air it needs to be removed before any building work commences. Our team have all the necessary protective clothing and respiratory gear to safely remove or encapsulate the asbestos. As the owner of manager of the commercial or residential structure it is your legal obligation to ensure that all asbestos on the property is safe.

All buildings that were built before 1999 will have asbestos in them in some form or other. In Weston-super-Mare, asbestos surveys are carried out by our experts. They know where to look and how to test for the presence of asbestos in the air. This is the major problem with this possible lethal material. If it is damaged or disturbed it tends to release fibres into the air and these fibres are breathed in by anyone in the vicinity. Once in the lungs the very sharp pointed little fibres penetrate the lining of the lung. These can never be removed and cause lung disease.

We offer the most comprehensive asbestos survey in Weston-super-Mare. Contact ACS today and arrange for one of our experts to visit your building for an assessment. We can provide a management survey of the property so that you know where the asbestos is and what needs to be done with it. If it is still in good condition it can be left in situ and just monitored from time to time to ensure there is no deterioration in the material. The team can also remove any asbestos from a building site. The material needs special handling and has to be properly packaged before it can be removed to a special disposal yard.