Asbestos Survey in Aigburth

Asbestos Survey in AigburthACS will conduct your management asbestos survey in Aigburth to meet your legal obligation to manage asbestos. That’s assuming asbestos is present and our survey will reveal that. If no asbestos is present in the building then you have our certified survey to prove your building is safe. If our survey shows asbestos is present, our report will indicate where it is and what condition it is in. We will give you written recommendations about how best to manage the asbestos based on how much of a threat it is. When the asbestos needs removal to protect the health of everyone we at ACS are qualified to carry out the removal and dispose of it according to regulations. Our management surveys are not invasive which means we do not break through walls and floors looking for the asbestos. That asbestos is contained and bears watching but does not present a health risk.

A demolition survey, unlike a management survey, is invasive and must be carried out by professionally trained experts. For buildings being prepared for demolition in Aigburth, asbestos survey must be completed and any asbestos found must be removed. Imagine imploding a huge building full of asbestos previously safely contained in plaster, floor tiles, insulation and all manner of other building components. The demolition would release those microscopic fibres into the nearby environment posing a health threat to all people exposed. They might not find out about their exposure for years. However they could eventually become sick with lung disease caused when inhaled fibres get embedded in their lungs. Disability and death may follow.

ACS is uniquely positioned to offer you a comprehensive asbestos survey in Aigburth. We have locations in Bristol, London, Manchester Glasgow, Birmingham, New Castle, Leeds and Halifax. Contact us if you are in charge of asbestos management and we’ll come right out to conduct the survey. When results are available you will have our recommendations to guide you and keep you compliant with government guidelines. Asbestos is deadly but for many years nobody knew. It was a cheap insulator and fire retardant. Our job is guidance on how to manage the area of all hazardous residue for the future safety of occupants at that location.