Asbestos Survey in Hyde

Asbestos Survey in HydeAn asbestos survey in Hyde helps determine the absence or presence of asbestos fibres in various building materials. Asbestos was a commonly used material in building and electrical insulation between the 1930s and 1970s. This was the preferred material due to its fire resistance and durability. After discovering the dangers it poses to human health, the use of asbestos was phased out in the 1980s. Today, it is sparingly used in automotive, construction and materials industries. The problem occurs when asbestos-containing materials become friable or damaged, their fibres are released into the atmosphere. Once these are breathed in by occupants or the workers, it poses serious health concerns. This is where an asbestos survey from ACS can help. Currently, there are numerous local, state and federal regulations that control instalment, management and removal of asbestos.

Whether you have a home or business in Hyde, an asbestos survey can be used to pinpoint the presence of dangerous asbestos-containing fibres. Why is a survey needed? It’s very hard to visually identify the absence or presence of asbestos fibres. They’re a requirement before purchasing, renovating, demolishing or financing a commercial real estate property. Surveys are also necessary after a natural disaster or flooding. An asbestos survey involves collecting, sampling and lab testing to determine whether the sample contains asbestos. It is the only accurate way to quantify and identify asbestos fibres. If you’re purchasing an older home or office space, you need to be aware of whether your dwelling contains asbestos. ACS’s survey won’t only pinpoint the location of asbestos but we can also ensure its safe removal by referring you to a professional asbestos removal company.

If you’re about to invest in an older commercial property, we recommend obtaining an asbestos survey in Hyde. Contact ACS today for a comprehensive asbestos survey. We provide many services related to the identification, management and removal of asbestos. Our company has been in this business for many years. We have many years of experience and skill in all asbestos-related issues. Protect your family, employees and yourself with an asbestos survey.