Asbestos Survey in Stockport

Asbestos Survey in DriffieldEnsure the safety of occupants and compliance with regulations with a comprehensive asbestos survey in Stockport. At ACS, we help businesses, industrial and commercial clients to comply with the latest health and safety laws. Our client base extends through the Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield areas, along with London and anywhere else in the UK. We also have the authorisation to give certificates and ensure that your business stays in sync with existing legislation. If you’re part of the building or construction industry you must be already aware of how important asbestos surveys are for buildings that were constructed before 1999, when the use of asbestos was completely banned.

Premises owners, landlords, and employers have a duty to ensure that all those who live or work on property owned by them are kept safe. In Stockport, asbestos survey services are available according to your needs and requirements. If you’re conducting repairs, refurbishments, additions or alterations or demolition works, on an older building, it’s important to check the status, location, quantity and condition of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials before you start. The UK “Duty To Manage” regulations of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 deem that adequate steps should be taken to locate/presume the location of asbestos on the property. Property owners should prepare a report on the condition/location, assess the risk posed, produce/implement an outline of how the risk is to be managed and periodically review the plan. There are two different types of surveys: Management and Demolition. Management surveys are sufficient for normal maintenance and occupation, while demolition surveys are required if you plan to disturb the asbestos.

It’s important to get a professional asbestos survey in Stockport done if you suspect the presence of this hazardous material. Though asbestos left undisturbed poses no major risks, it tends to deteriorate over time and can get easily damaged by repair/alteration works. The fibres work loose and enter the atmosphere from where they access our respiratory systems, causing severe damage in the long term. For more details about our asbestos surveys, contact ACS. In most cases, the damage is of an extremely slow type and symptoms can show up even a decade after exposure.