Use a Professional Team for an Asbestos Survey in Knutsford

Asbestos Survey in KnutsfordichAn asbestos survey in Knutsford is mandatory if you, as the property owner, are planning on extensions or renovations to your building. While asbestos in itself is not harmful, it is when materials containing asbestos is disturbed that it becomes a threat. When it is disturbed, its fibres are released into the air. If these are breathed in they can cause serious lung diseases, including mesothelioma, asbestosis and cancers. Until recently, asbestos containing materials were extensively used for a wide range of construction purposes. This means that many buildings, particularly older buildings, may contain asbestos. It is necessary for a professional and comprehensive survey on your building if you suspect there may be asbestos-containing materials present.

To ensure your obligations as a dutyholder in Knutsford, an asbestos survey must be completed. This will determine the amount, if any, and the condition of asbestos-containing materials in the building. In order to remain on the safe side of asbestos, speak to our skilled team about an asbestos survey best suited for your building. Offering a number of different types of asbestos surveys, we will assist with the right survey to meet your particular requirements. The management survey, which is the our standard survey, is to locate the presence and the extent of any suspected asbestos containing materials which may be disturbed during normal occupancy, including future maintenance and refurbishment, and to assess their condition. We also provide a more extensive Refurb Demolition survey. This survey is required before and refurbishment or demolition is performed. It does not assess the condition of the asbestos, but notes areas of damage or where more asbestos debris could be found.

An asbestos survey in Knutsford is professionally conducted by our expert team. If you need more information about an asbestos survey for your building, contact ACS today. We can help you manage the asbestos in your building, and with our expertise and wealth of knowledge, you can rest assured that you meet the legal requirements of the HSE. Our surveys are completed in a structured, methodical and systematic manner by our professional team.