Asbestos Survey in Selby – an Essential Step Before any Renovation Work

Asbestos Survey in Selby An asbestos survey in Selby is an essential step before any renovation work on your building can commence. This is also essential if you are planning on demolishing your building. Most buildings constructed before 2000 have asbestos in their structure. This is because asbestos as widely used as a ‘wonder’ product in the past. Asbestos provided a large range of qualities hen added to building materials. As such, asbestos can be found in a great many parts of your building. However, exposure to asbestos results in incurable disease and cancer. When asbestos ages, it becomes friable. This leads to it releasing its microscopic fibres into the environment. When swallowed or inhaled, they lodge in the soft tissue of the body. The body is unable to expel these fibres and they then cause deadly illness.

As most old buildings were constructed with this ‘wonder’ material, most buildings pose a health and safety risk. This is why, in Selby, an asbestos survey is essential before planning any remodelling or renovation work. It is also mandatory and should be completed by a professional asbestos surveyor. The survey will indicate where any asbestos-containing materials are in the building as well as their condition. The information gained from the survey is used to prepare an asbestos management plan. It is the responsibility of the owner, or manager of a building to have a suitable management plan in place if there are any asbestos-containing materials present. The survey will also detail the best recommendations.

An asbestos survey in Selby can be done with the assistance of a professional company. We would be pleased to assist. Contact ACS today for an affordable and safe asbestos survey. Our surveyors have the necessary training and skills, along with the experience to perform a comprehensive survey. Our aim is to assist you in remaining compliant with legislation. Most importantly, we aim to help keep you and your employees safe. Should the asbestos-containing materials need to be removed and disposed of, we can refer you to a professional, authorised removal company.