Asbestos Survey in Blackpool – a Necessary Safety Procedure

Asbestos Survey in Blackpool An asbestos survey in Blackpool is necessary to ensure that your building is safe for the occupants within. A large number of older buildings still contain asbestos in one form or another. Asbestos was extensively used during construction. It was added to building materials to provide strength. Its other properties included fire, chemical and electrical resistance. Asbestos was also inexpensive and easily available. It is no wonder that it was so extensively used. However, the bad news is that asbestos becomes friable when old or damaged. It then releases microscopic fibres into the air. Unsuspecting people in the vicinity then inhale the fibres.

Inhaling or swallowing the fibres can cause deadly disease which usually only manifests later in life. Thus, in Blackpool, an asbestos survey can help avoid exposure to asbestos fibres. An asbestos survey can indicate the location, the extent and the condition of any asbestos-containing materials in a building. The information from the survey provides the necessary details for a management plan. Both a survey and a management plan are a legal requirement. The HSe guidelines state that a duty holder or the owner of a building is responsible for managing any asbestos-containing materials in the building. This includes having a current and appropriate plan on how to do so. The best way to compile a management plan is from the information gleaned from an asbestos survey.

An asbestos survey in Blackpool can be one of two surveys, depending on the planned use of the building. If your building is a commercial building, used as a business, a management survey is needed. However, if you are planning on refurbishing or demolishing your building, a refurb/demo survey is a must. Our expert team of surveyors are available to assist with either type of survey. We have many years of experience in dealing with asbestos-related queries and can provide the guidance you need. Furthermore, our prices are highly competitive. Contact ACS today for more details on how we can assist with a professional asbestos survey.  Arranging for an asbestos survey is the first step in ensuring your building is safe for the occupants. It is also a step toward becoming legally compliant.